Ventura County Council Training Policy

Effective Date January 1st, 2019

1. Youth Protection Training (YPT) completion is required for all adult leaders at the time of registration and must be renewed before it expires. No adult will be reregistered without a valid YPT certificate.

a. Paper applications from new adults must be accompanied by a YPT completion certificate.

b. Adults who register online must provide copies of their YPT completion certificate to unit leaders.

2. Position specific training provides a primary level of knowledge and skills training. The Trained Stripe is worn with the Position Shoulder Patch upon successful completion of training for the specific position.  Requirements are available for on-line and in person classroom formats as listed in the Trained Leader Requirements charts.

a. Direct Contact leaders must complete their position specific training before the unit recharter is submitted. These positions are Cubmaster, Assistant Cubmaster, Den Leader, Assistant Den Leader, Scoutmaster, Assistant Scoutmaster, Venture Crew Advisor, Venture Crew Associate Advisor, Skipper, Mate, Lab Manager, Associate Lab Manager.

b. Essential Indirect Contact leaders, the Committee Chair and at least two Member of Committee leaders, must complete their position specific training before the unit recharter is submitted.

3. No Direct Contact or Essential Indirect Contact Leaders will be reregistered without being fully trained for their position with the following exceptions.

a. Adult leaders registering after October 1st, have until the following year recharter to complete training.

b. The Council Commissioner and designees may provide a one-time waiver on a case by case basis.

4. Supplemental training provides a secondary level of focus on topic areas and expands on the position specific training courses.

a. Activity specific training is required before engaging in the activity in accordance with the Guide to Safe Scouting. These activities include but are not limited to Aquatics, Caving, Climbing, COPE, Cub Scout Overnights, Shooting Sports, Slacklining and Treks.

b. Syllabus specific instructor training is required before courses can be conducted.

5. Advanced training provides tertiary education knowledge and expands practical skills. Participants must have completed position specific training.

a. Journey to Excellence score cards require some units to have adults with advanced training for gold level achievement.

b. These courses are designed to help adults develop personally and professionally and include Wood Badge, Leadership Challenge, Kodiak Challenge, Powder Horn, and Seabadge.