Rechartering Information

*IMPORTANT - Online Internet recharter will  be all new for the 2022 recharter year. National have created an FAQ, along with an Internet Recharter User Guide, to give you the opportunity to review the new platform. Charter Renewal. An instructional video walking the viewer through each step of the new Internet Recharter 2.0 experience will be coming soon.

On September 22, 2021, a Sandbox environment will be opened for units to begin training on the new system. This sandbox, available at, will allow the unit to “test” the recharter process before actually committing the actions permanently in the new recharter system. To access, units will enter their same usernames they would normally use to access or My.Scouting, except a new, generic password will be used to access the sandbox system. That password will be circulated once the sandbox environment is ready.

Sandbox Live - September 22nd

Volunteer Training Webinar: September 28th at 8pm Central - Register:


The annual rechartering process is the process by which the unit leadership renews the registration for their unit and its members for the next renewal year.  In Ventura County, our Unit Charter years run on the calendar year – January 1 through December 31.

How it works: Each unit, whose current charter year expires on December 31, 2021, will receive their 2022 Charter Renewal information via email by November 1st.

  • By November 1st, an email will be sent to the Unit Leader (Cubmaster, Scoutmaster, Advisor, or Skipper) and the Committee Chair.
  • The email will include the Access Code needed by each unit in order to log into the online Internet Charter Renewal system


October 1 – November 10 – Pre-Planning Activities

November 1 – 15 – Online Charter Renewal Data Entry

November 15 – December 15 – Finalize and approve the charter renewal roster report

By December 23 – Turn in final Charter Renewal Report with support documents and payment. MAKE SURE YOU HAVE TWO SEPERATE CHECKS FOR NATIONAL REGISTRATION FEES (subtotal) AND COUNCIL REGISTRATION FEES (Council Fees).

Review the tutorial published by BSA, for an overview of how to run the rechartering process:   BSA Internet Recharter Tutorial 


  1. All Adults (18 and older) Access & Complete Youth Protection Training (How to do it on (
  2. Assign Tasks
  3. Complete Membership Inventory
  4. 2021 Registration and Scout Life Annual Fee Chart 


Internet Recharter Renewal is the BSA’s web-based method for units to renew their charters from any online location- at home, the office or anywhere you have Internet access. It’s easy, convenient, and accurate because you enter the information yourself!

Unit Access Codes:

  • Each year you must start your visit to the Internet Charter Renewal System as a FIRST TIME USER.
  • Forgot your Unit Access Code? Email our Registrar Vangie Sexton at


Return each of the following items with your 2022 Charter Renewal:

  1. Charter Renewal Report – Print from Internet Charter Renewal Website. Do not submit E-Z/Summary Report
  2. The Annual Unit Charter Agreement (PDF)
  3. NEW Executive Officer Information Sheet (ONLY IF NEW) (PDF)
  4. Journey to Excellence scorecard specific to your unit type.
  5. One check for National Registration Fees (Subtotal)  and One Check for Council Registration Fees (Council Fees)

Scorecards are available for all unit types and reflect changes adopted by National BSA due to COVID- 19’s impact during the 2021 program year.

Any charter renewals not received at the Council office by December 31, 2021, will be placed on the “Non-member” list. Any Units on the “Non-member” list will not have access to membership privileges and services offered by the Boy Scouts of America. Including but not limited to use of camping facilities, activity attendance, advancement system and Accident & Liability insurance.