Nova Awards

For scouts interested in pursuing STEM interests, the BSA has created the Nova Award programs for scouting programs. These awards may be pursued either individually or as a unit, and scouts completing a Nova module will earn a Nova Award. There are several modules available for each scouting program, so scouts may earn multiple Nova Awards.

Getting Started with Nova Awards

  1. Look over the award requirements
  2. Find or train a Nova Counselor
    • Nova Counselors must be 21 or older
    • Register as a Nova Counselor (position code 58, non-unit position, no registration fee) using the BSA Adult Application
    • Must complete BSA’s Youth Protection Training before working with youth
    • Should complete Nova Counselor training available at Log in, click “BSA Learn Center”, then “STEM in Scouting”
  3. Use one of the online guides for a walk-through of earning a Nova Award as a unit