Recruiting Information

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Now is a Great Time to Continue to Grow Your Unit!

 Families are looking for opportunities to have “fun with a purpose!" If your Packs “shut down” for the summer, now is the time to continue a program through the summers months to keep current members and bring prospective members in with something to do that many parents may very much appreciate.

Webelos-to-Scout and Dropped Scouts

  • Follow-up with 5th Grade Webelos to ensure Scouts have found a troop home
  • Follow- up with dropped Scouts; find out if they’d like to get involved, especially now that they can join in person.  If your unit wasn’t a good fit for the family, consider referring them to another unit.

Membership Planning for the Spring & Fall

Now is the time to finish your planning for recruiting and begin your efforts!  Be ready to quickly know what you are going to do in the fall so when things improve, you are ready to go! Your plans should include not only what you can do now, but a plan to have total freedom in the Fall.  Do not wait to plan what you will do if schools do not open all the way.  Have a plan  A, B & C now, so you know what you will do when it happens. Here are some things you can do now:

  1. Update or create a list of schools, houses of worship and other locations where youth gather as well as contact information.
  2. Identify volunteers who can help with joining events.  Think about including virtual events like an online campfire that could include prospective families.
  3. Make sure your unit has a New Member Coordinator (NMC) and that person is trained in the BSA tools that will facilitate new member entry
  4. Develop a strategy to have Scouting parents post joining information on on social media (such as Facebook pages and NextDoor)
  5. Browse the amazing variety of recruitment materials in the BSA Brand Center - Membership and Marketing Hub, Select and print the materials that will work best for your area.  If you need a large printing, please contact your BSA Professional at council.
  6. Make a marketing plan!  Think about the tools you can use to build awareness in the community. 
  7. Identify how you can move to a year-round new member recruiting effort in the near future.
  8. Connect with your District membership Committee to share feedback and gain additional support for your units growth plan and activities. 

These tools might include:

  • Signs at the Schools
  • Yard signs at all your Cub Pack member’s homes inviting others to join
  • Updating your BeAScout unit pin!  Make sure your unit know who is responsible to follow up on BeAScout online queries
  • Emails or newsletters to parents from the school or the PTA/PTO
  • Requesting Facebook Geofencing from the District for your Joining Events to be promoted.  Virtual joining events can make a difference!
  • Sending photos and news alerts to local media outlets to invite families to your joining events.   

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