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Elective Merit Badge Sponsors

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The Merit Badge Sponsorship Program strengthens the bonds between the community and Scouting by offering opportunities for organizations and businesses to provide financial support to Scouting in Ventura County. Sponsoring organizations forge this partnership by choosing Merit Badges that align with their business expertise and mission.

In addition to financial support, sponsors will have the opportunity to provide direct training to youth through Merit Badge clinics, workshops, facility tours, and Merit Badge Counselors, which will foster experiences that may be available in no other way. In short, exposure to your organization can literally change the life of a Scout.

The Boy Scout Merit Badge Program introduces youth to the principles of citizenship, potential careers, new hobbies and sports, and a wide variety of life skills. Merit Badges (skill achievements) gives youth a way to grow and progress helping Chartered Organization (unit sponsors) and the Ventura County Council fill the BSA Mission; “…to prepare young people to make ethical and moral choices, by instilling in them the values of the Scout Oath and Law.”

The primary benefit of this program centers on our youth. Through local businesses, Scouts can have the opportunity to learn a new skill or have a hands-on experience in a real business environment. Additionally, your business’ financial support will enable the Ventura County Council to enhance and grow the Scouting program in our community.

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