Camp Card


The Camp Card sale has been designed to help Scouts earn their way to Summer Camp!

The Camp Card is a “discount card” that offers deals at area businesses to the purchaser. The purchase price of a Camp Card is $5.00, and participating Scouts will earn 50% for each card they sell!

A customer can purchase a Camp Card for only $5.00, but they’ll get far more than the purchase price. If they use all of discounts on the card, the customer will enjoy over $80.00 in returned value. If a customer regularly visits any of the stores on the card and uses all of the discounts, they will be receiving all of their money back – plus they will help a Scout go to Summer Camp.

This is a low risk fundraiser, as units can return up to 25 percent of the cards they receive.

Key Dates:

  • March 12 – Camp Card Kickoff 6:30pm at the Scout Conference center
  • June 1 – Sale ends
  • June 8 – Payment due to Ventura County County Service Center
Scout Prizes: (Updated Prizes for 2019)
  • Camp 3Falls Branded Flashlight: Sell 75 cards
  • Stainless Mess Kit and Camper’s Knife or $20 gift card to Scout Store: Sell 200 Cards
  • Travel Chair or $55 Scout Store gift card: Sell 350 cards
  • 4 Person Tent or $75 Scout Store gift card: Sell 450

Ordering Camp Cards & Additional Cards:

  • A unit can order Camp Cards till March 12th using the commitment form and return it to Kathy Jo Perry in the Scout Office.  After receiving the initial cards, you can add to your order in packets of 25 per packet.


  • Units may return 25 percent of the cards they received. Returns are due to the VCC service center when their payments are due on (or before) June 8th. The cards must be in complete conditions (no tabs removed, etc). The unit is responsible for any cards that are damaged and or not returned by the deadline. Units may continue to sell their unsold cards after they have settled their bill with council as long as they understand they cannot return anything after the payment deadline.

Redeeming Earnings from Camp Cards:

  • Each unit will set its own process for collecting and redeeming the earnings from Camp Cards to the Scouts within the unit. Some units may use the earnings to pay for camp while others may use it to fund other program areas and activities. Please check with your local unit leader to learn the proper process for your unit.


  • Payments of $2.50 per camp card ordered must be received to the VCC service center by the payment deadline on June 8th. 25 percent of the unsold cards must also be returned by June 8th. Payments and cards not received by deadline will be considered late and might disqualify your prizes.

Have Questions:

  • For more information, questions, or to order more cards contact Cindy Hernandez (805) 482-8938.

Camp Card Resources: