Winter Camp

Winter Camp is an annual event that takes place in January and February at Camp Three Falls.
Winter Camp is for Boy Scouts, Venturers only.

2021 Winter Camp at Camp Three Falls information – COMING SOON!!

Cost is $45.00 Participants, $40.00 Host Troop Staff
per person, which includes three (3) meals Saturday, breakfast Sunday, Cracker Barrel Friday and Saturday nights, and
a Winter Camp memento.


The 2021 Winter Camp Leader’s Guide –  COMING SOON


For more information regarding Winter Camp, e-mail Lee Winagura at

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Pursuant to official BSA policy on Winter Camping, Webelos are not permitted to camp out in any potentially Winter-like conditions.

As you should be well aware, we do not train our Cub Scouts or their leaders to camp in the winter. Participating in such outings requires a great deal of diligent training, planning and preparation on the part of all involved and under no circumstances will we approve outings or accept liability of activities that
fall outside of our National BSA guidelines.