Council Advancement and Recognition Committee Contacts

New Council Advancement Committee Chairman

It’s our pleasure to announce the selection of David Neuman to succeed Lou Leopold as Chairman of the Council Advancement Committee effective April 1, 2020. David promises to continue the same high level of energy and expertise that has been the hallmark of our advancement process in Council.  At the same time, we want to thank Lou who has been our advancement “voice of authority” for several years.  Lou’s credibility, drive and willingness to bring clarity to the advancement process for all our volunteers is testament to his dedication as a volunteer Scouter.  Thank you, Lou!

Council & District Advancement Chairs

Chumash DistrictSteve Rhods(805) 444-2007
Tierra Rejada DistrictDave McClellan(818) 312-8600
Ventura County CouncilDavid Neuman(818) 519-9981
Council Staff AdvisorAndrea McClellan(805) 482-8938

Eagle Scout Project Approval Representatives

Chumash DistrictWilliam Boetticher(805) 484-7570
 Steve Sullivan(805) 218-6272
 Tony Waters(805) 642-0523
Tierra Rejada DistrictJeff Lawrence(215) 530-1384
 Bob Beaudine(818) 889-7518
 Thelma Reeves(805) 527-8356
 Grant Wilkins(805) 497-3711

Awards & Recognition Contacts

NOVA/SuperNOVA (STEM)Thomas Hong(424) 205-4250
District Award of Merit and other
district-level adult recognition (Chumash)
Brendan Hendrick(805) 794-7687
District Award of Merit and other
district-level adult recognition (Tierra Rejada)
Silver Beaver, North Star, Spurgeon,
other council-level adult recognition
David Neuman(818) 519-9981

Your Council Service Center

For submitting and initial review of the Eagle Scout Rank Application, Eagle Scout Service Project Workbook, and Statement of Ambition and Life Purpose

Kathy Jo Perry(805) 482-8938
Vangie Sexton(805) 482-8938

Eagle Scout Board of Review Coordinators

Please note: The Eagle Scout candidate will be notified by the coordinator when their Eagle Scout board of review has been scheduled.

Please do not contact the coordinator unless an inordinate amount of time has elapsed (more than 30 days since the Eagle Scout packet has been submitted to the council office).

Chumash District (Camarillo, Oxnard, Port Hueneme)Steve Rhods(805) 444-2007
Chumash District (Ventura, Ojai, Oak View)Brendan Hendrick(805) 794-7687
Tierra Rejada DistrictJamie Gerritsen(805) 915-7681


Extensions and Appeals Coordinators

Please contact your district advancement chair should your Scout need to file one of the following: