Advancement & Recognition

Advancement is the process by which youth members of the Boy Scouts of America progress from rank to rank and is the method by which we promote and encourage the ongoing involvement and commitment that keeps members coming back for more. It works best when it is built into a unit’s program so that simply participating leads to meaningful achievement and recognition—and to a continually improving readiness for more complex experiences.

A full description of the advancement method and its principles is available on the national Scouting advancement web page.

What is available to Scouts, Leaders, and Parents?

Advancement Resources

The following resources provide additional information about advancement. Links are provided to materials that are available online. Information specifically relevant at the unit, district, and specialized levels may be found within the sidebars.

Eagle Scout Rank Resources

Resources from the National Advancement Task Force

Resources from the Ventura County Council Advancement Committee

What’s New in Advancement & Recognition?