Certified Angler Instructor Course - For MBC of Fishing, Fly Fishing, Fishing & Wildlife Management.

Is your Council delivering quality Fishing programs?

March 15-17, 2024 / $99.00 per participant

This course is to help improve council, district and unit fishing programs. Sign up and you can get qualified as a BSA Certified Angling Instructor, learn fundamental Fishing and Fly-Fishing skills, learn how to best teach Scouts fishing skills and to have fun!

Participants will need a tent, sleeping bag, etc for the overnight part. A list of items to bring with you will be emailed once you have registered for the course. You will need medical forms A and B, print out of your YPT. All food will be prepared by CAI staff, if you have any special needs food or foods you cannot eat, you will have a chance to let us know of your needs before we prepare a menu. Assistance in the kitchen area is always welcomed.


For more information contact:

Ed Pounds graniteprocessinginc@gmail.com or

Jim Pritchett jimp0713@gmail.com


  • Certified Angling Instructor Course
    March 15, 2024 to March 17

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